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This is welches so obviously incorrect that it is a shame that it needs to be stated explicitly: the studies are published by the journals which accept them for publication, not by Juice Plus. Which country's percentage values would be valid for English-language WP - the USA's? Zefr ( talk ) 21:29, 21 September 2015 (UTC) External links modified edit Hello fellow wikipedians, I have just added archive links to 2 external links on Juice Plus. Can anyone help here?- TraceyR ( talk ) 12:06, (UTC) Study funding information in itself is neutral. Your behaviour here is unwarranted, unpleasant and needs to stop, unless you want to be blocked again. Doc James ( talk contribs email ) 01:41, (UTC) As Jala7777 stated it, there was no health claim, merely a claim about increased plasma levels. II ( t - c ) 04:05, (UTC) The controversy is in the imagination of an editor with a negative history here, but even he cannot deny that the label conforms to the legal requirements. If it is misleading (and indeed "the cause of considerable consternation" - wow!) to make this claim, then something else must be the next best thing instead. Yobol ( talk ) 22:53, (UTC) I'm not arguing for the retention of the image: if it makes the article look like an advert (but that's a subjective judgement then take it out. Preceding unsigned comment added by Aud88 ( talk contribs ) 14:56, (UTC) Your edit prompted me to search around for any new material, but I didn't find anything significant - except that we weren't using some material from Quackwatch (now added). Considering this to be against a violation of wikipedia is not an indiscriminate collection of information I removed the lists with a clear edit summary 12 only to be reverted as vandalism. Have a look at WP:corpdepth and WP:illcon. Fwiw, I think that WP has become too bureaucratic in such things. Gesundheit und Vital Juice Plus

Caecum, Coecum oder Cecum, davon abgeleitet auch Zäkum; griech. Attila Hildmann ist Deutschlands bekanntester Vegankoch. Alexander Michalzik vom Gesundheitsprotal für Naturheilkunde. 10-teilige norwegische Dokumentation Die letzte Prüfung Kurz vor Beginn der Expedition verspürt Johannes Schmerzen im Knie. 5 Antworten zu Nach Niedersachenwahl: Merkel mu weg, werteUnion fordert personelle Konsequenzen. Abnehmen Psyche Xxl fettabbau wie oft trainieren 50 fettabbau wie oft trainieren was tun fasten entschlacken abnehmen durchfall. Reliv International - Reliv Nutritional Products Mana Food for a better life

Betreff: bezieht sich auf die Stelle. Alles über die Anwendung und Dosierung von Ingwer jetzt informieren. Behandelnde Personen genießen eine entspannte Behandlungsatmosphäre.

complete nahrungsergänzung

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Shot info ( talk ) 10:33, (UTC) I suggest that the correct term for Wise and Morin is "co-authored" (see recent entry here Wise was lead author on one study only, published in 1996.Two early studies were co-authored by John. The reviewers and editorial board considered it to be sound science and of sufficient quality to deserve publication. Rhode Island Red ( talk ) 15:35, (UTC) Rhode Island Red I'm not going to bother to respond to these dramatic, intemperate and illogical responses. Likewise, one who has a personal vendetta against JP is not capable of writing a neutral article about. Medical Supply Company Medical Product schritte Manufacturing - Dukal

  • Complete nahrungsergänzung
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It is also misleading because it implies that the product contains substances that are constituents of the native fruits/vegetales but may not be constituents of the processed fruit/vegetable powders that are actually used in Juice Plus. I haven't looked to see if other supplement articles use similar infoboxes, but if they don't, I would not say that the alternative formatting was by design. It obviously took a lot of work to find and reference the unfavorable studies. The infobox is way too promotional, and reads like and looks like advertising. If no reliable source can be found for the data in the 'facts' table, then they can (should?) be omitted until a RS can be found. WP:NOT is a a key policy and the key point being made is that wikipedia is not an indiscriminate collection. This is supposed to be an encyclopedia, the information you're so in favour of preserving belongs on the brochures and the labels you keep bringing up, not here- Jac 16888 Talk gegen 22:15, (UTC) Invoking the slippery slope fallacy doesn't make your argument any more compelling. I've noticed that there is very little discussion on actually editing the article on this talkpage.

  • His research is complete enough that he can trace endocrine problems back to other areas of the body that I have never seen related to each. Talk:Juice Plus - wikipedia
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Enig, PhD was an international expert in lipid biochemistry. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. TraceyR ( talk ) 08:55, (UTC) You stated "But medrs isn't applicable here. Want to try some free samples? Metabolism and digestion.7175 A succinct lay news release from Oregon State University in 2007 may be useful to add as a reference for this last sentence. As I alluded to previously, a reader should be able to see what's in the product - the information is fundamental - it doesn't detract; it adds to to one's understanding. Noleander ( talk ) 03:10, (UTC) I'm not having any luck finding an (updated) RS with the label/nutrition facts info. Heck, one of my problems with the Weston Price biography is that two articles that show a possible change in attitude by Weston Price are primary sources ( Journal American Medical Association and Paul.

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  • Complete nahrungsergänzung
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